Classmates comments on the 30th Reunion…

Edited: July 05, 2013

Phil Anderson

Thanks so much Jimmy for your hard work.  It was a great and very
meaningful time.  Phil


Fernando Arias

Thanks again for all the good work.  I had a wonderful time reconnecting with class mates.


Steve Armistead

Jim:  You and the committee did a tremendous job with the reunion - thanks.
Even though we are obviously bonded by our youth, I think our lives are
significantly more interesting as adults. Let's  not wait another ten years
to reconvene. Steve Armistead


(Beth) Allison Blackburn Akins


    Thanks for the updates and the work that all of you have done.  I hate that I wasn't able to help with this reunion, but I have been up to my eyeballs getting elections ready for Madison. 

    The website is great and has been fun to read to keep up with the latest.  I look forward to future updates.

    I had a wonderful time Saturday night and was sorry that I couldn't stay longer to visit.  With two small children and a husband that was under the weather at home, I knew I had to head home earlier than I wanted.

    I am also so very sorry that we missed the gathering on Sunday morning.  Our youngest was being Christened at church at the same time.  It took us months to work that out so that our family could be in town to attend that event.  Otherwise, we could have rescheduled it.  It would have been great to see everyone again.

    I have enjoyed reading the bios that were put together by everyone.  It is fun to see what everyone has been doing and where they live now.  I was amazed at how many we have in the Carolinas.  Has anyone compiled statistics on the information? 

    The frustrating thing for me was seeing who was at the reunion that I never got a chance to speak to and didn't recognize.  I think some of you guys have changed the most!  Us "girls" are more likely not to loose our hair and we will color the grey hair more readily!  Of course, some of us have gained weight (me) and that makes a difference too!  I got tickled as seeing how some of us have turned out looking just like our parents.

    I agree with the idea of trying again in 5 years.  I hate to wait 10 years to see what we are up to again.

Thank and the committee again for everything. Hopefully next time I can help with the work.  I don't see us going anywhere.  Bobby wants to move to Florida, but with the hurricanes lately, I am definitely not interested!


Allison Akins

(Beth Blackburn)


Toby Davis


Got your e-mail upon our return home this evening about the web site update. Enjoyed the reunion tremendously. We got in tonight (Monday around 8:00p.m. our time). Ran into some heavy rain down below Macon due to Frances but made it home safely despite the rains.

Reunion was bittersweet. Sweet in that we got to see many of our classmates and share our memories and experiences of school days past. Bitter in that we only had minutes to catch up on 30 years, and the sad fact that we may not again see one another for another 10 years. At any rate, you as well as the rest of the committee did a wonderful job on the event. We will keep watching the site for updates and pictures.


Thanks Again. We had a wonderful time.





David Darnell

Hey, Jim I certainly did have a great time, and I enjoyed seeing you and everyone else. Thanks for all you did putting everything together. Have a great rest of the year and if you ever need anything let me know. See ya.



David D


Jeanne Duke Payne

HI folks,
It was such a pleasure to see you all at the reunion...great memories. You all looked fabulous!  I know that many of you had to travel long distances to get here and I want you to know how much we all appreciate you making the effort to be with us. I loved seeing you. I guess wherever we go we will always be connected by Decatur High School and that's a good thing! 

To David, Don and Lee I want you to know how much I enjoyed Sunday. Remembering deceased classmates was especially moving to me.  David certainly earned my admiration when he told the story about his little bitty wife!

 I believe that all the folks who worked on the committee would agree that planning the reunion was a lot of fun!   Jimmy has agreed to keeping us connected with the web site for the next ten years, so I guess we can all grow old together.

Best Wishes to You,
Jeanne Duke Payne


Elizabeth Hannay Statom

Thank you, for such a wonderful reunion.  I am so thankful, I got my first invitation.  It  was just wonderful seeing everybody.  How much would it cost to have the Decatur Daily sent to me?  If I could send you extra money, since you won't know what it will weigh.  I guess, you're thinking, attachment for everybody.  I can handle that.  I just love Joey.  Seemed like we talked, forever.
He's a good man.  Sounds like you have a very rewarding job and life.
Much love,       Liz
P.S.  Say, "Hi," to Joey for me.


Ann Hendrix Oppenheim

Dear Jimmy,

Thank you and the committee for a WONDERFUL WEEKEND!  It was great seeing everyone and spending time with all of the classmates.  It was also great meeting people associated with these classmates and reading the BIOS's of those who were there and not there as well. 

Thank you Jimmy for keeping in communication! 

Also, thank you for the email list in "first name order".  I am sure this list will get much usage as well as many of those in the class.

Again, thank you and the committee again for the wonderful events!  Everything was spectacular!

Please stay in touch!

Lots of Love,




Amanda Kruidenier Griffin

Dear Jim,

    Thanks to you and the committee for an excellent job of organizing and arranging for a great evening and morning together.  I was especially thankful that we remembered our missing classmates, so, a special thank you to whoever conceived of that.  I'll look forward to seeing some pictures -- thanks again so much!

Amanda Kruidenier Griffin


Julie Lyle Huber

Dear Jimmy,

Thanks to you and everyone involved for the wonderful weekend. It was so nice to see everyone , and the memorial service on Sunday was an added bonus.  I truly appreciate all of you, who as Don Richter so eloquenty put it " take care of our families and friends". You keep the home fires burning for all of us who live far away now.

I want everyone who came to know how special they are... Those who came despite hardships, tragedys, cancers, and other events in our lives that make us who we are today.

As Tony Garrison noted, Life begins after HighSchool...buteveninour very busy lives now, we can meet with old friends, not to remember the good old days- some bad too -but to just give each other a hand shake or a hug to let them know that I for one remember them, and I'm glad to see that they have survived,  even thrived,  through lifes challenges and events.

It was so good to see all of you. Im so proud to be a very small speck in the spectacular group known as the DHS Class of 74.

See you all in 10 years....or anytime in between!!!!!!


God bless you all

Julie Lyle Huber


Don C. Richter

Dear Jimmy,


Thanks so much for all you did to make our Class '74 Reunion such a wonderful event. I'm sending along the lyrics and mp3 of the song I referenced during our Sunday morning service of remembrance. The attached song -- as recorded by Sara Hickman -- is copyrighted material, so if you post it on the website, perhaps do so as a play-only piece instead of as a download. No problem circulating the lyrics.


Best wishes,


Don Richter

Don C. Richter
18 Edgemont Rd.
Asheville, NC 28801-1514
828-281-4342 (voice), -1300 (fax)



We Are Each Other's Angels

Well I hope I see you later - 'cause it's time for me to go
My ride has just pulled over - but it sure was good to know you
Go answer your calling - go and fill somebody's cup
And if you see an angel falling - won't you stop and help them up?

    'Cause we are each other's angels - and we meet when it is time
    We keep each other going - and we show each other signs

Sometimes you'll stumble - sometimes you'll just lie down
Sometimes you will get lonely - with all these people around
You might shiver when the wind blows - oh, you might get blown away
You might lose a little color - you might lose a little faith

    But we are each other's angels - and we meet when it is time
    We keep each other going - and we show each other signs

Well I've reached my destination - yeah I've finally made it home
God sent ten thousand angels - to make me one of his own.

    For we are each other's angels - and we meet when it is time
    We keep each other going - and we show each other signs


by Chuck Brodsky (with Sara Hickman's alternate final stanza)
© 1985


Rick Richardson


I want to thank you and the reunion committee for all of your hard work
in making this reunion such a rememberable event.  I hope that we can
perhaps have another get together sooner than 10 yrs.(5 would be great)
even an afternoon for drinks...I had the best time reviewing the bios and
catching up on those whom I did not get to talk with in person. I took
the bios when I went to visit my folks in Pensacola the weekend after the
reunion and they really enjoyed reading the info as well.

To all of my old friends and to the new friends that were formed from
this weekend, please let us keep in touch! 

Rick Richardson


Karen Roedersheimer Reichert



What do I need to do to get a directory?  I was at the reunion but failed to get one. Also the reunion was fantastic.  I think everybody had a great time. Everything was great!  I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your effort and time you put into organizing and planning everything.  If you would just let me know about the directory I would appreciate it.


Thanks again, Karen Roedersheimer Reichert


Carol Smith Neeley

Jim, thanks so much for all you and the committee to make the reunion such a success.  I had a great time talking to so many for the first time in 30 years.   I am looking forward to the 40th.  A reunion at 35 years would be even better.


Thanks again,

Carol Smith Neeley


Jean Walker Tucker

Please let me say to you how much I appreciate all you have done relative to the reunion.  I had never been to one and this was excellent.  The whole planning group did a great job and your web site has been so much fun to visit!!
Again, thanks for all of your hard work.
Jean Walker Tucker
Jean Walker Tucker
Senior University Attorney
University of South Alabama
Office of the Attorney
307 University Boulevard, AD 131
Mobile, Alabama  36688
phone: (251) 460-6294
fax:  (251) 460-7541

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