Regrets of classmates unable to attend 30th reunion received in e-mail…

Edited:  July 05, 2013

Chuck Anschutz

Hi Jim,
I'm sorry I didn't make it down for the bash. Sounds like it was a huge success. You and the committee did a great job of organizing.
However, I think you may have posted the wrong photos on your web site. The ones I saw were of a bunch of old people. Better check that out.
Thanks for including me on your list.
Chuck Anschutz


Daveta Best Dozier

I have really enjoyed keeping up with the plans for the reunion.  I desperately want to be there but can't seem to work out a way to be three places at one time.  I have a sophomore at Samford, a 10th grade saxophone player, 8th grade cheerleader, teach Sunday School, and Oh yeah--practice medicine.  I want one of the directories!  Could you mail one to me?

My address is:  Daveta Dozier

                        1306 Kimbrough Ct.

                        Thomasville, AL 36784

Have fun at the reunion and tell everyone I said "HI".





Bob Blackwell

Dear Jimmy,
  Thanks for all the hard work in putting the class reunion together. I am sorry that Kay(Loyd) Blackwell and I cannot be there.  I would like a copy of the directory and will send you payment for the cost, if you let me know how much.
   I hope you all have a wonderful time.
      Bob Blackwell


Andy Cole

Jim, unfortunately I will be out of the country during the labor day weekend. Wish I could be there.




andy cole


Dawn DuBois Giles

Entry removed at submitter's request.


Mike Flynn

Hi Jim,


    Thanks again to all of you who are obviously working hard up there to make this event happen. I apologize for the delay in my bio form. Like so many things, it got buried on my desk. I will send it out Monday.

    It really breaks my heart that I won't be able to make it up there on Labor Day weekend. I would give anything to be there and see everyone, but I have a number of duties that weekend, things I simply cannot find someone else to cover for. Even though I cannot be there in person, I hope it will be a way for many of us to get in touch with each other after three decades.

    Speaking of which, I would be very interested in obtaining a copy of the class directory once it is compiled and printed. I would be happy to cover whatever expenses are involved, too. Can you let those of us who won't be able to attend the reunion know how we can get a copy, too?


Thanks in advance,

Mike Flynn


Cindy Harris Brashears

Hello Jim, 

I hate that I am going to miss this.  I just can't take the time off right now.  I am so busy with work.  I look forward to the next one.


This remembrance for our classmates who have died is such a nice thing to do.  I was shocked to read all of the ones that are gone.


Good luck to all of who are making the preparations for this big event.I should be fun.


Take care, Cindy  


Thanks, Jim, for the e-mail addresses.  Rhonda e-mailed me some of her pictures and I could hardly recognized some of the people.  Age does catch up with us all!  I can't wait to get the Decatur Daily picture. I looked at the pictures on the website and I couldn't believe Mike Thompson!  Rhonda told me about him.  So many people and so many memories.  All we ever wanted was out of school and now we all come back. What fun we had and didn't realize it at the time.
I will keep in touch.  Thanks again.
Love, Cindy Harris Brashears


Vicki Robison McCullough

Hi Jim!


Thanks to you and all of the committee for your hard work on the reunion.  I won't be attending this time but I still appreciate what you have done.


I thought I would email you my "bio" in the event you do a directory.  I would like to have one and will be happy to send you a check to cover the cost.


Take care and I hope everyone has a great time!




What do I need to do to get a copy of the directory?  Just tell me how much and where to send it and I will get payment out ASAP.


Have a great reunion and again, thank you and the committee for all of your hard work!


Take care and God bless,

Vicki (Robison) McCullough


As the saying goes, "The check's in the mail!!!"
Thanks, once more, for all you and the committee have done.  I do hope you will be able to add more pictures.  I don't know who those old people were that you had pictures of!  It must have been some of the teachers.  LOL
Take care,


Harold Washington

Jim, Thanks for your messages. I'm sorry that I won't be able to travel to Decatur for the reunion, but attached is the info form. All best to you and the others. /Harold Washington

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