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Next Fx (theatrical and custom pyrotechnics)



Le Maitre Orlando, Inc.  (theatrical pyrotechnics, Angel Fire low smoke pyrotechnics, some Pyropak brand pyrotechnics)

Link: http://www.prostagepyro.com/



RES (precision proximate pyrotechnics)

Link: http://www.respyro.com/



GPS (1.4 fireworks)


Pyrodigital Consultants, Inc. (computer controlled firing systems)



Luna Tech Pyrotechnik GmbH (Ice Fountains, flash string and other European products)



Dynalite (lead free, green Electric Matches)



Pyromate (firing systems)



PR Corp (pyrotechnic battle scene simulator systems)

Link: http://www.opformunitions.com/



Coonie’s Black Powder (black powder, shock tubing, det cord)


Martinez Specialties (electric matches, shock tube initiators, lift charge clamps)


Mystical Distributing (Mystical Fire)


US Explosive Storage (special pyrotechnic ATF-approved storage magazines)



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